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Genetic & Hereditary Cancer Testing

What is Genetic & Hereditary Cancer Test

Cancer developed by an inherited genetic mutation is referred to as hereditary cancer. Most cases are sporadic, 5-10% are associated with a hereditary genetic mutation.

Suitable for: we offer our Hereditary Cancer Panel to anyone over 18 years of age who is believed to be at risk of developing cancer, regardless of personal or familial cancer history.

Sample:  Saliva sample

Technology: Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

Result within 10-15 working days of receiving sample at laboratory.


When this test is useful?

A genetic cause is suspected when the clinical features or family history include the following, in which case a hereditary cancer panel is recommended:

  • Early age of onset
  • Multiple primary tumours
  • Multifocal tumour sites
  • Bilateral tumour appearance in paired organs
  • The same type of tumour in first or second-degree relatives or same tumour type clustering within a family
  • Rare tumour types
  • Rare tumours associated with birth defects.

Benefits of hereditary cancer testing

  • Detect genetic variants associated with a predisposition to certain cancers.
  • Access to genetic counselling to explain test results, associated implications, and support networks.
  • Identification of available risk management programmes and screening programmes
  • Reduce the risk of developing associated cancers and aid early cancer detection.
  • Enables patients and family members to make informed choices.

We offer a range of hereditary cancer panels to detect a total of 31 cancer genes associated with the 6 most prevalent cancers in the UK: Breast, Ovarian, Colorectal, Prostate, melanoma, and pancreatic cancer.

About the test report:

All testing, analysis and interpretation is performed at UK, ISO 15189:2012 accredited genomics laboratory.

The final clinical report provides a summary of the test results, including variant interpretation, result implications, and any recommended course of action. Patients can receive comprehensive genetic counselling to understand test results, their consequences, and the appropriate support systems.

Genetic Counsel Service: If a genetic mutation is found, the report will explain the impact, implications, and recommended actions to patients through the genetic counselling process.

In addition, our genetic counsellor will discuss the health implications for patients and their families.

If no clinically significant variants are found, the report will state this clearly.

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