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Fit to Fly (RT-PCR Express) [Click and Drop]


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  1. For queries relating to when to take tests or which tests are valid for a specific country, please look up the rules for your country of interest online or on the www.gov.uk website.
  2. Please click here  Find us – Hasu Diagnostics to see the location and cut-off times of the different collection centres.
  3. Book a collection centre test from our website. Please remember some centres will do Antigen/Lateral Flow tests only and others will do both the RT-PCR & Antigen/ Lateral Flow tests.
  4. Once the order is placed. You will receive an order confirmation with the order number to your booking email address.
  5. You can pick up your test kit in advance, once you have an order number.
  6. Please visit your chosen collection centre, during the collection times. Mention your order number and confirm the identity/names of the people being tested. Collect the RT-PCR test kit, take the self-test, and ensure the sample date and time are within the country’s entry requirement. When you do the test, ensure that you fill out the registration card (purple colour) and register the test kit online on our website. Once you register the test kit, then drop off the sample along with the registration card at your chosen collection centre before the cut-off time. Please note that most collection centres will register the test kit for you for same-day sample drop-offs.
  7. Fill out the registration card and hand it back with the test kit to the collection centre, by the cut-off time, when our courier will pick up the samples. The courier reserves the right to pick up the samples just before the cut-off times in exceptional circumstances. So, arrive early. 
  8. Once your Sample is received in our Slough laboratory, then your sample will be processed for testing. Hasu Diagnostics has its’ own state-of-the-art laboratory.
  9. The test result and certificate will be sent directly to your email (the email you have used for placing the order), on the same day between 7 pm and 10 pm.
  10. Our certificates are UK Government approved, accepted by all the airlines and have a QR code.
  11. If you arrive after the daily cut-off times, then it is your responsibility to ensure your RT-PCR sample arrives at our Slough testing centre in time, even if it means arranging alternative ways, including in-person drop-offs, or using other couriers, to get your result to meet your travel entry requirements.
  12. For Antigen/Lateral Flow tests, please upload your test result photo on our website Hasu Diagnostics and email it also to enquiry@hasudiagnostics.com.

SUNDAY:  All Collection Centres are CLOSED, except the Slough medical centre (9 am to 2 pm). Book a Slough medical centre appointment on our website for Sunday and Bank Holiday appointments.

Note: Travellers, please enter your Passport Number.
If you require a fit-to-fly certificate and do not provide your passport number, the certificate will not be valid for your travel.

Medical Centre

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2 Lerwick Drive, Slough Berkshire SL1 3XU, UK

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