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Nail Infection/wound infection Test

About the test

Once we receive the infected specimen (such as a pus sample, wound swab, nail clipping, or scraping of the skin), our laboratory will conduct microbiological testing for 48–72 hours to further isolate any bacteria or fungus infections you may have.
Further testing will be done on the isolated organisms (bacteria/fungus) to see how well the medicine (creams/ointments/powder) works that you are using.
If we find the medicine is not working, then we will recommend an alternative medicine, by testing it against your isolated bacteria/fungus micro-organism to see the effectiveness. We also provide Private Prescriptions through our Medical Doctor.



By choosing this test, the patient is already giving consent to our Laboratory to conduct the test with a non-medical/non-clinical practitioner. We do not carry any liability or guarantee to cure your infection. The test is only for the effectiveness of your current medication or to recommend new medication.

Significance of the Test

The test will help to identify the effectiveness of the medicine (creams, solutions, ointments, powder) that you are applying to heal your wounds or to cure your infection.

If you couldn’t see any improvement for many weeks or months to the infection you have, then you can determine whether your present treatment is working for you with the help of the screening test we are offering.

When you utilise our additional service, you can benefit from our in-house doctor’s screening of alternative medications to find the one that will treat your infection.

The test is applicable only for current bacterial and fungal infections. The test will provide an idea about the efficacy of the antibacterial or antifungal agents currently in practice for the infection.

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