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The word 'Hasu' is named after the founder's mother, representing the foundational pillars of this company: respect, compassion, ethics, and care.

About the Hasu Health Care

Dr. Patel, the Company’s Founder, Sole Director, and Shareholder, was initially interested in next generation DNA sequencing technology. He then evaluated solid state DNA synthesis using the sequencing process similar to’sequencing by synthesis,’ and he evaluated and developed’synthesis by sequencing’ process using novel chemical methods. Dr. Patel presented the technology for at-home portable isothermal amplification without the use of any external power or electrical/electronic power source in April 2019. This technology was then developed until December 2020, during the Covid Lockdown period.

Since December 2020, the company has been a laboratory-based diagnostics service provider, offering PCR and antigen tests within just as 2 to 3 hours.

It is also important to note that Dr Patel has been very passionate about the electrochemistry and he has been developing a salient solution for storage of power using the novel battery solution. 

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We are customer focused and value your time and money to ensure that you select the appropriate test for your performance. Check out our test recommendation chart to make sure you’re booking the right test for your needs.

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We are customer driven and value your time and money so ensure that you choose right test you need for your performance. Look at our test recommendation chart to ensure that you are booking the right test for your purpose.

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