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Scarlet Fever (Strep-A Infection)

  • Rapid test to identify Group A streptococcus infection
  • Differentiate bacterial infection from viral infection.
  • Easy to use, quick, safe and fast way.
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  1. Specimen: Throat swab.
  2. Results within 30 mins.
  3. This Test is available at our Medical Centre.

Microbiological science behind the test:
The throat swab received in the laboratory will undergo lateral flow test specific for Group A streptococcus.
The test identify the carbohydrate antigen specific for group A streptococcus.
The presence of antigen were interpreted as positive for test result and negative for the absence of antigen during the test within 10 minutes.

Remove all the contents from the kit.
Rub the tonsils area for 15 sec.
Handover the swab  to the Clinical team
The Test Results available within 30min after you handover the sample

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