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Combo Covid & Flu A/Flu B

Combo  Rapid  simple test for  Covid and  Influenza A/B Viruses

Free test for Children under 10( 1 test per family at Slough Clinic Only)

Instant test results within 30min to identify your symptoms related to  Strep-A, Flu A or Flu B or Covid viruses Infection

Available only at Slough Clinic


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Timings at Slough Medical Centre

Monday To Friday : Visit anytime between 9AM to 5PM (After 5PM  Book the Emergency test only at Slough Medical Centre)
Saturday- Visit anytime between 9AM to 2PM

Sunday : Visit anytime between 9AM to 12PM

Results within 30 minutes, At Slough Clinic Only

No Test Certificate  releases for these  Tests

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