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Anaemia (Iron) Check

Sample: Whole Blood (Venous Blood / or less painful  easy to use Finger Prick Test)

Blood Biochemistry test for Anaemia(Iron) Check

About the Test:

The total amount of iron present in the body, transferrin saturation, Unsaturated Iron Binding Capacity,  total iron-binding capacity (TIBC),  and ferritin levels are identified through this test. The level of iron is expected to lie within the normal range,  high or low levels may affect the entire system including energy, good muscle, and organ function.

Low levels of iron in the blood can cause iron deficiency- Anaemia, which can lead to reduced efficiency to transport the oxygen  in the blood.

Whereas the high level of iron can cause a condition called hemochromatosis which can affect the liver and result in diabetes and may cause the heart failure. The test helps to identify the levels of iron present in your blood and  support you to follow a healthy diet to improve the iron level in your blood.

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